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Effective Restorative Dentistry Procedures

What is Restorative Dentistry.?

Restorative dentistry deals with teeth restoration of the damaged or infectious teeth. Reasons for teeth damage could be accidents, infections, ageing etc. It also involves filling, teeth whitening, replacing, cleaning ,teeth coloring and dental care of the dental tissues. Various materials used in restorative dentistry uses metals, ceramics, polymers and sometimes combinations of these materials.

Treatment for Broken Teeth

We all know the common reasons behind a broken tooth would be accidents, sports activities, falling, drinking hot liquids etc. This causes a lot of pain and results in bleeding.

Cracked teeth : Cracked teeth causes irritation and pain during chewing .

Root canal treatment is the most recommended treatment in this case. The dentist also restores the tooth by placing a crown, which holds both the broken pieces.

Chipped teeth : Chipped teeth or fractured teeth will have sharp edges which could cut soft tissues like tongue or lips.

If a small piece of the tooth is chipped off, then the dentist smoothen the edges to restore the missing portion. But if a larger portion is lost and the pulp does not have much damage,in this case the dentists uses crowns or porcelain veneers. And if the pulp is severely damaged every dentists recommends root canal treatment.

Tooth Bonding

A tooth colored material is used for tooth bonding. This material is a resin which uses a special light for tooth bonding.

Tooth bonding procedure can be followed if you have cracked teeth, wants to improve the appearance of the teeth, to close the space between the tooth, Unlike other dental treatment procedures, tooth bonding hardly requires anesthesia. And is easiest and least expensive cosmetic dental treatment.

In this procedure the surface of the tooth is roughened and then the coloured resin is applied to the teeth which allows bonding. Then it is smoothed to the desired shape.Later on a special light or laser is passed on to harden the resin. Once the resin is hardenend the dentist trims ,shapes it and smoothen the surface. And the whole procedure just takes less than one hour and can be completed by a single visit to the hospital.Bonding lasts up to 10 years.

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